Sunday, August 1, 2010

Character Builds Part 1

Let us examine character builds. What is a character build? It is a certain mix of Race, Class, Path, Feats and Powers that gives an interesting aspect to the character, or a powerful advantage. What exactly is an interesting aspect or a powerful advantage? Well, it depends on the character build, obviously. If you know the right character build, you could make an almost unkillable character, or an invisible rogue. Character builds are many, ranging from heavy hitters to healers that can regenarate obscene amount of health. Now, let us examine the featured character build in this post: The Revenant that never dies.

The unkillable character
This fascinating build, provided by Dungeon's Master, does not soak up damage. Instead, it's damage soaking ability is only average. It's only when you actually reduce it's health to zero when you realize that it's not dead...
Feats:Unnatural Vitality, Death's Quickening, Death Scorned
Path:Avenging Haunt
Recommended Items: Cloak of the Walking Wounded, Raven Cloak, Ring of Invigoration

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you learned more about character builds generally, and building an unkillable Revenant specifically.


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