Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10th post Celebration:D&D blogging intro

There are now officially 10 posts on this blog(not including the announcement that we will be adding pictures)! Every time a milestone is reached(10th post, 25th post, 50th post, anniversary), there will be a short post about D&D blogging itself. Today's theme will be.... the introduction to blogging about D&D, of course!
1)Create A Blog
When creating a website/blog, I recommend either one made with website creators or one made using "host" websites such as www.blogspot.com(which this blog is created on) or www.webs.com, as custom HTML code websites take longer and are generally uglier-looking unless you are a HTML expert.
2)Choose A Topic
Obviously, the theme is D&D, but there are several aspects of D&D to blog about. Today, do you want to talk about encounters, or skill challenges? Maybe you should tell the readers how to make a good NPC? No, no, you should post a review on that new book that just came out. It could even be the discussion of a certain mechanic(Rituals, Retraining, Extended Rests, Swords, anything)! There are several things to try and avoid, however. Do not write about out of date versions is one. Currently, the most recent version of D&D(as released by Wizards Of The Coast)is 4E, so my blog posts are mostly about it. Another thing to avoid is charts. There is nothing more boring than staring at the list of Fire-Resistant Swords. You can, however, talk about Fire-Resistant Swords, then bring up one or two examples.
3)Remember To Keep Your Blog Updated!
There are several people out there that I know who would have written great blogs, and in fact they did.... but forgot to update it regularly. If you want to keep a healthy readership going, update your blog every now and then, reply to comments, and maybe even tweak it a little here and there, if the need for it arises. Otherwise, your blog will turn into a worthless page with 3 posts about D&D written 5 years ago... and they were about 4E, which by then will be outdated- 5.6E or so will probably have been released.

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