Sunday, May 2, 2010

The D&D survival guide Part 3

fNow, let's say you followed all the intructions mentioned in Part 1 and 2, but for some reason you still died! We'll now look at the different ways to do after a PC's death
1)Bury him
For the sake of role playing, we'll assume that the party has a strong connection with the dead PC and decides to bury him. You can't just randomly bury PCs, however. I don't think the dead player would appreciate being buried in the middle of a monster infested dungeon or below the smoking remains of an evil villian's base. Try to bury the PC somewhere where monsters won't find him and eat his corpse. I suggest in a forest, where the creatures are mostly harmless or even if the are not that harmless, at least won't use the body in some complex ritual to summon/revive the King of Demons or whatever. An alternative method is to bury the PC in a town. There, you can safely say that nobody will disturb the remains. Be wary, though, if and when the DM decides to have a necromancer attack the town and turn everything in the graveyard into zombies...
2)Attempt to revive him
If you have a revival item on hand, I suggest reviving the PC. This will not only bring back a fallen party member, but also saves you the trouble of burying him. If you do not have a revival item on hand, then try to find some way to bring back the PC. For example, you could go through the Portal to Darkness that the DM told you about earlier, and try to make a pact with the demon/devil/evil monstrous abnomination there, requesting for the PC to live again in return for something.(very commonly, your soul but the DM may let you give GP as well)
3)Make sure his death isn't in vain
IF the dead guy consents(and he may not), you can loot his dead body and then burn it, thus ensuring that his death is not for nothing. Take note, though, of your moral alignment. Don't try to persuade a group of Good-alignment Paladins to burn their former friend and loot his corpse just to find a couple of health potions and a rusty dagger.

I know this post is short but I hoped you enjoyed it!

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